The competition is divided into 3 categories:

• Fiction (max 35 minutes)
• Documentary (max 30 minutes)
• Experimental – Video Art (max 20 min)

 Art. 1 Who can participate

1- Participation in the competition is open to all, regardless of age and nationality.
2- Movies and audiovisual works of any kind are admitted which deal with the themes of cooking, gastronomy and food from different points of view.
3- Works already presented in the context of other Italian or foreign film events may participate.
4- CineCucina Film Festival will select works by professional directors but also by first-time authors.
5- Movies and audiovisual works realized with any language, medium and technology are admitted.

Art. 2 How to participate

1. The work can only be entered by filling in the entry form available online on the Festival website by following the instructions. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the email address provided.
2. The work can be entered by indicating a link and any credentials for streaming viewing on the web (eg Vimeo, Youtube and other streaming channels).
3. Cinematographic and audiovisual works are admitted in Italian and in all other languages, provided that the latter are accompanied by subtitles in Italian or English.
4. The sending of works, materials and documents by ordinary mail or attached to your e-mails is not allowed. E-mails that have material attachments or files of the works will be deleted without being opened. Works that arrive in ways other than those described above will not be considered for selection. In case of special needs and requests, please contact the organization by sending an e-mail to

5. The electronic submission of the registration form implies full acceptance of the regulation. Although not provided for in the regulation, the organization of the Festival reserves the final decision.

Art. 3 Selection

1- The artistic direction of the Festival will examine the works received and, at its sole discretion, based on their artistic value and / or content, will select which ones will be admitted to the various sections.
2- A committee of experts will take care of the pre-selection of the cinematographic and audiovisual works received which will then be submitted to the jury.
3- The jury is made up of professionals from the cinema, television and cooking and gastronomy experts.
4- The winning works will be screened on the occasion of the final award ceremony of the CineCucina Film Festival.

Art. 4 Awards

o Best Fiction
o Best Documentary
o Best Experimental Work and Video Art
o Best Italian Opera
o Best First Work
o Audience award

Art. 5 Registration deadlines

• July 31, 2020

Art. 6 Registration price

Participation in the Competition Notice is totally free.

Art. 7 Selection and formats of projections

1. The artistic direction of the Festival will examine the works received and, at its own unquestionable judgment, on the basis of their artistic value and / or content, will select which ones will be admitted to the various sections.
2. The authors or the production or distribution houses of the works selected for the competition must send the copy for the projection in Blu-ray format or high resolution files and subtitle files in .srt format in Italian or English, if different from the Italian language. Various materials will also be requested for the catalog (2 photos of the film, synopsis, technical sheet and bio-filmography of the director).
3. The organizing secretariat of the Festival will promptly communicate the calendar of events and screenings to the authors of the selected works.

Art. 8 When registering the film for the festival, the author declares:

1. I have read, understood and fully respect all admissibility information, registration rules, conditions and requirements;
2. To the best of my knowledge, all the information I entered during the registration of the work is true;
3. This work is not subject to any controversy, nor is it threatened by any dispute;
4. I am duly authorized to present this work at the festival;
5. I certify that I have the full right to use music in the work I have entered;
6. I give permission to use titles, copies, and / or information of the film for promotional purposes;
7. I give permission to view the film directly on the platforms to the artistic commissions and the juries appointed by the organization of the festival including the popular juries;
8. I give permission to screen the film at the Festival and any Festival presentations, programs, collateral and promotional events anywhere in the world as long as they are organized or participated and authorized by the organization of the festival;
9. Attention: We do not pay screening fees for screenings during the festival, programs or events. If the film-maker requests any payment for the screening, the work will not be admitted.
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